Three wireless microphones were tested in the price range from 149 EUR to just over 300 EUR including the wireless range.

I examined all microphones based on various criteria. The following criteria were important to me:

  • Handling
  • Weight
  • Construction
  • Sound
  • Price

The following wireless microphones were tested:

The wireless microphone test candidates had to compete against an AKG C-414 studio microphone as a reference.

In the video, you can hear all microphones compared in sound.

Find out in the detailed video test about wireless microphones for trumpet what matters with wireless microphones and which models are suitable for beginners and meet professional demands for sound and quality.

Here is the detailed video test report for wireless microphones for trumpet:

(All prices are non-binding as of December 2009 – In 2019, the test winner is still the favorite and is available in a top wireless microphone bundle with wireless range)

For those short on time, you can listen to just the sound comparison in the second video.

Video 2 – sound comparison only:

Here are the test results:

Regarding handling, weight, and construction, all test candidates make a very good impression. In terms of handling, the THE T.BONE TWS 16 BT (no longer available, alternative: the t.bone free solo 600 Ovid Sax Set, also suitable for trumpet according to Thomann) stands out positively, as the transmitter is directly built into the microphone clamp and is also extremely lightweight. Thus, there is no more cable from the microphone to the bodypack transmitter, and “cable clutter” is a thing of the past! The downside to this microphone, however, is that in its current version, it is not suitable for the trumpet, as the capsule cannot withstand the sound pressure of the instrument and distorts. I hope the Thoman company will come up with an improved microphone capsule in the future.

In terms of sound, only the SUPERLUX PRA-383D microphone and the SENNHEISER E 908 T EW entered the race.

The SUPERLUX PRA-383D is suitable for beginners but also cannot withstand the sound pressure of the trumpet during loud passages and then distorts slightly or compresses the sound. Otherwise, the sound is quite warm, but could use more presence and clarity.

The clear winner in my test for wireless microphones for trumpet is the SENNHEISER E 908 T EW, which impresses with its present and crystal-clear sound and dynamics. Everything from the quietest to the loudest sound is cleanly transmitted. Although the microphone is the most expensive in my test series, it is clearly my recommendation for a wireless microphone for trumpet.